Our Mission

The mission for the Foundation is to create awareness and raise funds to support pediatric brain tumor research and to assist families who are facing the challenges of pediatric brain tumors.

Established on January 1, 2006, the mission for the Foundation is to create awareness, raise funds for established research and treatment facilities that are currently seeking cures for and treating patients for pediatric brain tumors. Also, a portion of the Foundation’s funds will be set aside to assist families who are suffering through the many struggles associated with a child diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The fight against a pediatric cancer becomes all consuming, as a result, the every day things the rest of us take for granted become that much more difficult to handle and, more importantly, take time from the family. The family assistance program stemmed from the experiences of the O’Connell family as a result of Kyle’s journey. Throughout the two years Kyle fought BSG, they were the recipients of unexpected and surprising acts of kindness and generosity, which allowed them to spend more time with Kyle and their daughter, Riley. The Foundation would like to provide a financial resource to other families who are experiencing the trauma of a child with a pediatric brain tumor.

The Foundation foresees its main fundraising activities to be family centered events. Promoting the wellness of children and showing them how they can positively affect the lives of others is an underlying focus for the Foundation.